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What to Look out for and What to Avoid

We want you to enjoy your products from for as long as possible. The right care helps with this.

Always wash white laundry separately, separate light colors from dark colors.

You can wash cotton at up to 60°C, all other materials at 30-40°C on a delicate cycle. Also note the care instructions on your laundry. Explanations of the symbols can be found on Wikipedia, for example. A laundry bag is recommended for particularly delicate items, such as tulle.

Sun milk or sun oils are poison for your swimming trunks. They attack the elastane and make the swimming trunks "brittle". Our tip: wash out your swimming trunks well after every swim; it stays beautiful and you will enjoy it for a long time.

March 25, 2023 — Philipp Sprecher
Tags: Pflege waschen