Always wash white laundry separately, separate light colors from dark colors.

Cotton can be washed at up to 60°, all other materials at 30-40° on a delicate cycle. Also note the care instructions on your laundry. Explanations of the symbols can be found on Wikipedia , for example . A laundry bag is recommended for particularly delicate items, such as tulle.

Sun milk or sun oils are poison for your swimming trunks. They attack the elastane and make the swimming trunks "brittle". Our tip: wash out your swimming trunks well after every swim; it stays beautiful and you will enjoy it for a long time.





Light and pleasantly cool material for everyday underwear, especially for classic briefs and shirts. Today, cotton is also often processed in combination with synthetic fibers.



The cellulose fiber based on beech and spruce wood is a further development of viscose. It is wrinkle-resistant, keeps its shape and dries quickly.



The luxury fibre, extremely light and pleasant on the skin, while being extremely warm. Particularly suitable for sensitive and allergy-prone skin.



Viscose is made from regenerated cellulose on the basis of beech or spruce wood or cotton. The fabrics are particularly soft and flowing.



Lyocell is an industrially manufactured fiber made of cellulose. Lyocell or also called Tencel fibers have high dry and wet strength, are soft and absorb moisture very well. Textiles made from it have a smooth and cool feel with a flowing drape, have little tendency to crease and can be washed and dry-cleaned.



There has been an enormous development in synthetic fibers in recent years. They are easy to care for and comfortable to wear, keep the body dry and do not smell. Today's modern high-tech fibers feel soft, are skin-friendly and breathable. They are made up of millions of microfine fibers to form a fine yet robust fabric.



Combined with other materials, this synthetic elastic fiber ensures a perfect fit and a good fit. For example, up to 30% elastane is used for swimwear.



Lycra is the protected name for DuPont's elastane fiber. Their properties correspond to those of elastane.



This light and extremely hard-wearing chemical fiber is particularly suitable for underwear that is worn directly on the skin. Polyamide also transports moisture quickly away from the body to the surface.



The most popular synthetic fiber for underwear. Polyester is extremely tear and abrasion resistant, but at the same time comfortable to wear and breathable. The material is also very easy to care for.