VINZ Silkwear, Men's Sportswear

Chest Circumference in cm Buttocks Circumference in cm Clothing Size Laundry Size
S 86-90 90-94 44/46 2/3
M 91-96 95-99 48 4
L 97-102 100-104 50/52 5/6
XL 103-108 104-109 54 7
XXL 109-114 110-114 56/58 8/9


Note, Reading Example
Measure your chest and buttocks or look for your clothing size and find the right size in the left column. The silk sports underwear is pleasantly elastic without the addition of synthetic fibers and should be as close-fitting as possible so that the function of moisture absorption is guaranteed. An M is a small M - so more of an S and therefore nice and fitting on the skin - and just optimally functional. However, if you don't like it that tight, we recommend that you choose one size larger - in this example an L. After washing (hanging dry) the ribbed material contracts again and is ready for the next use.